Rosa and Severino Hendrik have been featured on the homepage of Tropic Jungle. The TJ website is edited for the diffusion of European artists. This directory is dedicated only to the members of the association and lists declared artists. Thanks to this platform, artists can present themselves, define their artistic work, show their creations and publish their exhibition announcements via their profile. The TJ directory also allows artists to exchange with other professionals from their personal space. Distributors also have the possibility to freely publish exhibition announcements.

The Arts Council Online School

Since 2019, the Arts Coucil online art school has been developing an open and accessible learning of artistic practices for all. In parallel to their career as professional visual artists, Rosa and Severino Hendrik have always been teachers. They were therefore asked by the school to contribute to the online courses of this program. Each week, they welcome nearly 1,000 students in functional and user-friendly Zoom workshops. 

Artful Conversations Podcast

Is literature a theme dear to the visual arts? What is the place of the books in visual arts? Of its representation? Is the relationship of man to the book privileged in Europe? These are the questions that Rosa and Severino Hendrik answered in the podcast The Artful Conversations where they were invited to speak in 2021.