If you’re looking for Rottweiler puppies, you’ve come to the right place! Not only do these dogs look like something out of a movie, they also possess the fierce personality that makes them a favorite among dog owners.

What is the least adopted dog?

Rottweilers are large, muscular and strong. They can be intimidating, but if you train them properly, they can be a great companion. And they’re very intelligent.

Rottweilers are used in the military, as search and rescue dogs and as police dogs. Their intelligence and their willingness to protect their owner make them the perfect choice for a guard dog. This link

Rottweilers need a lot of exercise. In addition to walks and plays, you’ll need to keep your Rottweiler on a strict eight week deworming schedule.

If you’re considering buying a Rottweiler, you should find a breeder that has been known for producing purebred Rottweiler puppies for sale. The best way to do this is by visiting a professional breeder.

Carrabba Haus is a premier breeder of Rottweilers. It is committed to producing compact dry lines of the highest quality. Its breeders update their knowledge of canine genetics and pharmacology on a daily basis.

In addition to their commitment to breeding excellent Rotties, they’re on the cutting edge of dog breeding. They’ve been able to produce a number of champions in Germany, Canada, and Australia.

Rottweilers need to be trained early on, as they can be a bit territorial and aggressive if left unsupervised. But if you’re prepared for the task, you can help your puppy grow up into a well-mannered dog.