A pendant necklace is a piece of jewelry that hangs loosely. They are typically attached to a chain by a small loop. There are several types of pendants, such as gold, silver, and plastic. A pendant necklace can be a long or short necklace. The term pendant necklace comes from the Latin word pendere, which means hanging piece. Old French pendr means “pendre” and is also used to refer to earrings that hang with a hanging piece.

A Necklace With Pendant Makes a Fashion Statement

Pendants look great with any type of outfit. You can choose a pendant necklace that is long or short depending on your body shape. They are flattering to almost every type of body, but they should be matched with the style and color of your chain. The length of the chain is important as well. The chain should be flexible enough to accommodate your pendant. If you have a long neck, you can choose a longer pendant to create a sexy look.

Another type of pendant is the lavalier pendant. The lavalier pendant is one of the most popular types of pendants. The lavalier pendant can vary in size and design, from a simple gold-plated pendant to an intricate and detailed piece of jewelry. A lavalier pendant will be attached to a metal chain through a bail. There are four main types of lavalier pendant bails: round, oval, and diamond.